Do you have any little pests such as bedbugs, moths or carpet beetles living in your home?

An infestation can begin with a single one of these little critters hitchhiking on your clothes, luggage, upholstered furniture or sneaking in through your opened window. 

If you find yourself dealing with the unfortunate event of an outbreak, do not worry….
Dirty Laundry are here to help.

We specialise and take extra care in providing an infestation laundry service.

What you should do:

Most importantly, please be honest about your laundry so that we can treat it in the correct way.

Place all infested laundry, bedding, clothing, etc into a bin liner. Tie the bag up tight. It is your responsibility to bag up all infested laundry. 

Once you’ve had your clothes cleaned, use plastic containers or bags to store your items and keep those little buggers out.

You may also need to use a pest control service for bedbugs to get rid of these in your home. If you give us a call, we could point you in the direction of a few companies if you haven’t found one already. 

We are very experienced in infested laundry. Some of our infestation customers have included:

  • Care homes
  • Councils
  • Residential
  • Spas
  • Hostels
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • B&Bs

For infestation laundry, please call Lauren directly on 07771556562.