At Dirty Laundry, we take pride in becoming a more sustainable and Eco Friendly business.

Within the Laundry sector, there are lots of different chemicals used to help with cleaning items from laundry detergents, bleaches, solvents, and many others as well as all of that dreadful plastic left over from each time that a bottle is finished.

Although there are still some products we use which do have chemicals, we are taking every step possible to become eco friendly as quickly as possible. 

We are reducing the use of harmful chemicals by using plant based, natural, biodegradable and safe for the environment laundry liquids, to give your laundry the greenest clean. The laundry liquids we use are vegan friendly, non toxic and totally chemical free.  

We are reducing our carbon footprint by using the method Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

As well as reducing the use of harmful chemicals, we also use Biodegradable packaging and eco friendly dry cleaning solvents. We are reducing the amount of water used and high temperature washes, which use more gas and electric. We can now send electronic invoices and receipts to help reduce the amount of paper used, therefore resulting in fewer trees being cut down. We are taking steps to prevent pollution and improving the air quality by using 100% electric vehicles.

By choosing Dirty Laundry to do your laundry chores, we will be helping you to take part in keeping the planet clean without even realising it. 

We are reusing plastic bottles to reduce space taken up in landfill by buying refillable pouches, using our customers personal bags for their laundry and reusable hampers for our Commercial laundry.

We re-use and recycle hangers and plastic bottles which are no longer of any use.