Dry cleaning is a process used for cleaning natural fibres such as linen, wool, silk and rayon or for tailored garments and delicate materials.

Eco friendly dry cleaning is the way forward!

Dry cleaning requires special equipment and solvents to remove stains and soils from different fabrics. Having your clothing dry cleaned, prevents shrinkage and damage that some items would experience with wet washing.

Although, wet washing is the most environmentally friendly process, some of the natural fabrics need to be dry cleaned.

Eco friendly dry cleaning solvents

These days the most discussed topic in the dry cleaning industry is “becoming eco friendlyā€¯. From using biodegradable packaging to environmentally friendly solvents, we are making it our mission to become a more sustainable and eco friendly laundry service. We use silicon based solvents to treat clothes, which is one of the latest and best eco friendly solvents.  We are doing our best to protect the environment and to make it easier for our customers to take part in doing their bit to save the planet too.

If you are unsure of whether an item can be dry cleaned or not, then just check the label on your garment or ask us to check it for you.